Sunday, November 29, 2009

The Foamerator!

Saw this:

So we made it.



  1. Take a plastic soda or water bottle and cut off the bottom – used a serrated bread knife to start and then kitchen shears.

2. Cut a rag - we used part of an old washcloth – slightly larger than teh diameter of the cut off opening.

3. Rubberband the cloth to the bottle and dip it in a bubble solution- we used a disposable tinfoil pan and the Joy dishwashing liquid/glycerin bubble mix/

4. Have fun with the foam tubes you can make.


Friday, November 27, 2009

Thursday, November 26, 2009

hair clip storage



Super easy cheesy. I cut ribbon – this is ribbon for making bows for flower arrangements or presents – to lengths and used clears push pins at each ribbon’s ends.

Clip the hair clips on and done.

This works best on the pinch clips and snap clips – not so much on the french clips.


Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Easy hairbows


  Soooo, I went on another hairbow jag and made a bunch of ribbon covered clips.

I use hot glue to cover the hairclips like this:

The lime green one is buttons (from walmart). I just cut off the shanks with wire cutters and superglued them on.

The yellow flower is a little iron on patch from walmart superglued on.

The tiny white flower is some daisy chain trim that I cut up into individual flowers. The hello kitty (one of Little Bit’s faves!) is a plastic ring that was a birthday party favor – again I cut the ring part off with the wire cutters and superglued it on.

GE DIGITAL CAMERA But you are probably marveling at the amazing korker or curly ribbon one, right?? I know. It is pretty impressive. But I have to confess. It was wayyy too easy cheesy. See, last year on Christmas clearance at Hobby Lobby I found these gift bows. It is fabric ribbon already curled.

GE DIGITAL CAMERA So here is what I did. At first I tried taking it apart and cutting it the standard 3” long but I really hate sewing the ribbons together to make a korker bow and I just cannot get the hang of tying them. And then I realized it is already stapled together and on a sticky back plastic. (This photo shows one bow on the card and then two bows nestled together to make a HUGE fancy curly hairclip.)


I started off covering all my clips with ribbon. Got the clips from ebay and I am a ribbon addict so that was from my stash.

Then I trimmed each curly bow’s plastic adhesive backing to as small a rectangle around the staple as I couple and peeled off the paper backing (hardest part of this whole thing!)


GE DIGITAL CAMERA I used a gel based superglue (I use loctite) and glued the bow to the clip making sure the rectangle was aligned with the hairclip. A not covered hairclip makes a handy dandy clamp.

After that was dry, I went back with teh Gorilla Glue Super Glue and added that. It is a really runny supergle so worked well to dribble a dot here and there and let it run into the underside and fill in the gaps of where the staple was not flush with the clip. Next time I plan on giving each staple a little what with the hammer to see if they flatten a bit.

On some of them because I wanted fuller hairbows for use with a ponytail instead of two pigtails after the first bow was dry I added another curled bow at a slight angle.

I was thinking I would have to add something to the center to cover the staples but the bows are so curly that you don’t even see the staples. And you can fitz and fuss and adjust the ribbons after it is all dry to get a fuller more even bow.


Thursday, November 12, 2009

How the girls watch football


I fell asleep and them Mantha joined me and then Ophelia thought we looked cozy.