Friday, March 27, 2009

Bakin’ Bacon


This is a great way to cook bacon and I am surprised more folks don't do it this way.

GE DIGITAL CAMERA   I just line the bacon up in a baking sheet, Sometimes I will add brown sugar on top (careful with double dipping! sprinkle, then rub. do not put hand back into sugar) or sprinkle with a pepper blend (only a little, the flavor condenses as the bacon shrinks).

The brown sugar is my favorite I have to admit. Do *not* drain it on paper towels (when it cools the paper sticks to it and you end up picking bits off the bacon and out of your mouth).

When I make pepper bacon I use the Sam's club 5 pepper blend. It is in a big plastic shaker but it does condense so go easy. Also I think it has salt in it so it is not so good with salty brands of bacon.

I bake it at 350 or 400. Just keep an eye on it. Nothing worse than burned bacon smelling up your house. Here it is cooked about half way.


There is no splatter or mess to clean up like when you cook it on the stovetop. I drain the grease into a container. And if you have a large gathering (like we often have on Sundays) this is something the kids can help make and ya just keep re-filling the pan to make more.

You can use the drippings to cook your eggs or just pour them into GE DIGITAL CAMERAold plastic containers for the trash (that’s what I do to preserve my septic tank. I freeze the containers and toss them out the day before trash day).

And I tend to reuse the same tinfoil a few rounds before changing it out.

A friend uses her broiler pan so the grease drips to the bottom.

I like to set my timer as a reminder. I cannot tell you how many pans I have burned because I was busy multi- tasking and forgot about it.

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