Wednesday, August 19, 2009

cute you tube vids!


Verrrry cute! Catchy song and a cat! Mean Kitty Link (Explorer sometimes shows a broken link for imbedded blog youtube vids). Mantha can watch this over and over.

Classic!! Crazy Frog is another of our family faves! (The producer requests no cut and pastes into blogs)

One of my childhood faves! The Two Little Dolls Sesame Street song. So sweet!

Hip video from back in the day! The Pinball counting video from Sesame Street.

One of my all time faves! The Ladybug Picnic from Sesame Street.

classic!! The Mahnahmahnah! song.

I am not all into REM but I like this one. Furry happy monsters!

And this one is just too cute. Buzz & Buzz – get it?! hahahaha



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