Thursday, June 02, 2011

Squeeze in OT whenever you can

Kiddo #2 has dysgraphia (his brain and hands do not communicate all that good)- so he has awful handwriting. And by awful I mean wayyyy below grade level. But at his school they do not have a therapist to help. So, mom to the rescue. Partly because we did so much therapy with the Autistic one and partly because I am a homeschool mom, I am finding sneaky ways to get kiddo #2 to manipulate and work with his hands. This was a birthday card he made for his cousin. He made two at the same time – one for an uncle and this one. He hated finding the letters and cutting them out but he did it and the cards were graciously accepted.GE DIGITAL CAMERA

Kidlet #3 does not know how to write yet but she can stick stickers on and so :


I drew the waterline and did the writing and she colored and put on the stickers. Pinching, removing, placing stickers- awesome fine motoring!

I am so durn sneaky!

(and I have no idea why my photos have that silly white border. cannot figure out how to remove it so oh, well)

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