Monday, February 09, 2009

Cricut cutting, Chick Fil A and Etsy



I just love these two little svg's. I don't recall where I found them (if you know drop me a line so I can give proper credit). But they are so durn cute. Lemme work on putting the svg files somewhere for ya.


I am a total Chick Fil A junkie. I am on a first name basis with half the folks at my usual CFA (hi GE DIGITAL CAMERALance! Hi Chaz!!) and this week is free breakfasts all week!! So this morning I went to all 3 CFA's close by. I got 2 buiscuit sandwiches for free plus bought 1 at each one. Kidlet#3 & I ate 2 (she only eats the chicken and I have to bite it off into bite size pieces for her), I gave 2 to 2 homeless folks (1 was an amputee in a wheelchair and –at a red light- I got out and crossed 2 lanes of stopped traffic to get to him. He gave me a hug – awww!), I gave 3 to the teachers and the boys had 2 as afterschool snacks. Tomorrow is chicken minis!!

And in my ongoing search of making a buck so I can stay home with the kiddos, I have opened an Etsy shop ( . Called 5Limes there is only a couple things there now but I plan on cutting some titles on the cricut and listing those as well as some of my vintage finds.



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