Friday, October 02, 2009

gift crafting



This was a super easy craft and would make an excellent holiday gift. I found the acrylic L shaped frame at a yardsale and the scrapbook paper and post it notes are from my stash. The photos I had to print twice because I wanted a smaller size so they would all fit. And I ended up using some of my homemade glue dots (Gawd! I love this Tack it over and over!!) on the smallest post its because they did not stick to the frame as well as the larger ones. GEDC0383 You can use any size of these clear L shaped frames. I just happened to find this one for cheap and the little flags on the side were samples I had laying around.

This glue, by the way, is sold at Michael’s and walmart and makes those clear repositionable dots- samples or coupons come on them sometimes and they peel off and look kinda like rubber cement or boogers.

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