Friday, December 18, 2009

Rescued from the donation pile

So, this cheap thin plastic gaudy gold frame (originally bought from goodwill for a couple of bucks a few years ago) was sad. I used it to teach T (the 11 yr old) how to spray paint and he painted in an old leftover tan (sorr, I accidently deleted my before shots).

Then I could not pawn it off find any of my friends who needed it and it was in my donation pile – until . . I decided to paint it black and maybe my sister in law could use it in her new house. . . . but then I decided it actually looked neat in the toddler’s room.


GEDC0658I toyed with repainting it (again) pink but I kinda like how the black works. One day she will have a mirror -when she is tall enough to see herself- because at this point a mirror would just be 1) a reason fro her to climb on top of the dresser and 2) something for the rambunctious trio to break.

I used Rustoleum Black Laquer with my spray trigger clip on handle.

and here is the AFTER:




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Amanda @ Serenity Now said...

Great makeover!!! A little paint works miracles. ;) Thanks for the visit!