Friday, January 15, 2010

Vintage Valentines

Sooo, I went a googlin’ and found some of these and then found this flicker group and this website.

I saved a bunch – here are some.

My plan is to print them out and use them in place of store bought cards for the kids. I also wanted to put a few on the mantle. They also help my autistic son learn about puns – something he has a hard time “getting”.

2263475915_d6eb297cf0  2263477015_9539bd45e32264265810_c37b28ce11              

 505279837_d0f0c5964d !BLuCo!!CGk~$(KGrHgoOKjEEjlLmY6sPBJgyt8HFUQ~~_1505279849_d706e1aed2   

2923214359_5a7f81b84c 2923216369_651fe460be3157265013_3867e040c42923194039_4dcd88ba26          

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4263633396_e685133471 Lets%20Go%20Together%20Valentine vintage_valentine8      

Valentine%20Wink vintage_valentine-151657    hunter val   motherl

vintage_valentine-301683  1682








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