Friday, June 24, 2011

She works hard for the money . .


CL has been pretty quiet – I have a handful of things listed and nothing is moving. Not even at 5 or 10 bucks! The vase, shopping cart cover, swim diapers and giant lazy susan ate 5 and the speaker is 10. The speaker is headed to goodwill if my nephew does not want it. The vase is going in the closet for a teacher’s gift next year. Everything else I am emailing my friends and offering for free and taking it to goodwill if there are no takers. (gawd! I cannot believe no one wants the lazy susan! The only reason I am selling it is because I have a nice big wooden one now).


But ebay has been surprising lately. I still never can tell what will sell and what will not.

These things did not sell and have been sent to friends or goodwill:


The sassy horse and bags and the See kai Run shoes are really spendy but they did not even sell for 4$. The old navy jellies, disneyland princess straw hat and the cute vintage gloves I thought had good chances of selling but nope.

What did sell?

The builda a bear shoes and skates (yardsale find) were the top sellers of the week and sold for 12.50. The keen watershoes I got from CL last year and we used them well for a season. They sold for just over 9$. And because I had seen how well keens were selling I picked up the black pair (like new!) at the thriftshop for 3$ and they sold for 10.

The fridgits (yardsale, the kids played with them till I got too annoyed) sold for 10.50 – shipping was brutal on those- like another 10 bucks for parcel! The lot of crocs went for 10.50. And the bjorn (5$ yardsale find) always sell good went for 9.50. I was hoping for a touch higher but, oh well.

I have a bunch of 3t clothes and shoes to list at the moment and some nice toys when I find boxes to ship them in.

I made a goal to list 3 new things each day. If I can get into the habit, I hope to clear some of my ebay stash before too long.

I also have an awesome lego set I picked up at a yardsale but surprisingly it looks like the two little star wars lego minifigs will sell for about 20 and if I sell the whole set in the box it only sells for less than 25. Decisions, decisions. I kinda want to split them up and see how it goes. I think it is the shipping that is the factor for the buyers. Whatcha think? Have you split up sets before??

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Kelly Biggs at My Dear Trash said...

I love to see the other types of items people sell on ebay- since I mostly do clothing. Thanks for linking up to My Dear Trash.