Wednesday, September 30, 2009

How We Survived the Plague

We got the H1N1. Tested positive, bought Tamiflu and endured it. It was like a bad cold. The problem was that *I* was laid low and Pete had to run things for a couple of days. After 1 round GE DIGITAL CAMERAof meds when I could not recall what time I had my last dose (let alone try and remember the kids’!), I started this whiteboard. It was INVALUABLE!! I could tell at a glance who needed what and when the next round of doses were due.

Pete was such a trooper. he kept the kids busy and let me sleep for almost 2 days straight. Stay at home mommies need sick days, too!

We are all better. And it really was not as bad as hyped. We have had strep or colds worse than this for sure.

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