Thursday, January 08, 2009

Eating Lip Gloss, Bows cont & Layouts

  Sooooo, I am on the computer and realize it is *really* quiet. I find the 18 month old with a lip gloss I got for xmas - she has eaten part of it and is applying it- liberally - all over her face!!
Had to snap a picture (blurry because she was walking) before cleaning her up.




  My bowmaking is paused until the ribbons I orders come in. I did buy some dowels at Home Depot today. Got 3 for less than 2 bucks. Gotta have my sweetie chop them into lengths for me. But here is a picture of what I have made so far.


Here are 2 scrapbook pages I am stumped on.

This one- I am happy with it but not sure it is "done". Think it needs anything (other than journaling)? it is a single page and I had been hanging onto those icicle stickers *forever*.

This one I like the simplicity and the contrast but am clueless what embellishment to use. I was thinking of cutting something on the cricut but am drawing a blank.


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Trudy said...

Fantastic photos! Perhaps some borders with dark blue w/white polka dot paper or cut outs that resemble scarves/hats/gloves for the icicle layout. I'd overlap the two photos on the bottom and put some positive words that make you think of N. Or maybe list his age, hobbies, favorite foods, foods he doesn't like.