Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Chicken Salad and kid books

This is a recipe I stumbled across and love it because it is so adaptable.
It is supposed to be to make a crescent ring on a Pampered Chef stone but when I do that the bottom is always raw. I think you are supposed to preheat the stone but then you would be creating the crescent ring on a hot pan- which doesn't sound all that smart really.
I am not usually a fan of the cream of soups but wowza! I like it in the recipe.

Last night I had some leftover grilled chicken breasts to use up and some crescent rolls I had picked up in the day old bread area of Wal-Mart

Here is the original:
2 cans Pillsbury crescent rolls            

1 can water chestnuts- chopped *
3-4 green onions *                

6 boneless skinless chicken breasts - cooked and chopped *
1 can cream of chicken soup            

3/4 c mayonnaise
3 stalks celery – chopped            

3 Tbls butter - opt *
almonds - opt *

Preheat oven to 375F. Brown almonds in butter. In a bowl combine everything except the crescent rolls. Arrange the crescent roll triangles in a circle on a large pizza pan with bases overlapping and tips pointing out. Spoon filling on ring and fold point over, tucking underneath- there will be chicken salad showing. That's ok. Bake 20 mins or until golden. Remove from oven, slice and serve.

* I omit the chestnuts (Pete hates them) and skip the green onions unless I have them on hand. I think I used 5 chicken breasts and I like to use leftover grilled for more flavor. I skip the almonds entirely.

And last night I added 3 small carrots - tiny diced- and half a bell pepper -- all because they were leftovers looking to be used up.

I took the stale bakery crescent rolls, sliced them open, scooped out just a little, put on the chicken salead, rolled them in tinfoil and baked them a little. They were yumm! It made 4 good sized sandwiched with leftovers!!


I ordered some extra copies of my favorite kid books and they all came in yesterday. You know this will be one of my 12 on the 12th pictures! I have this idea that I want to put together sets of favorite kid books for each of the kids and put it in the attic or something and give it to them when they have kids or something. ya - ya- I know, corny to the max! But there ya go.

Gus Was a Friendly Ghost, Walpole and Doctor Dan the Bandage Man – classics!! I am going through my kids books and finding other books I want multiple copies of. My thinking is to let the kids write their own name in them and to box them up after a bit. Has anyone else done this? I have a handful of books from when I was a kid. Wish I had more.


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MommaHughes said...

I love the idea of baking bacon. Could you pass the instructions on how you make it? I've never tried baking it before. Also, your chicken salad would make a great guest post on mealplanningmommies.com. Maybe we could team those two up as one post next month? What do you think?