Sunday, January 18, 2009

A Whole Lot of Scrapping Goin’ On

Saturday I embellished and journaled in a whole TON of pages and today I am "bagging" them. They are going in the albums- whether in the absolute chronological order or not. (Yeah- I got to give props to Flylady for teaching me that sometimes my perfectionism is just me obsessing over a detail and it stops me from moving forward.) Some still need titles so I will be using the cricut later today and tomorrow to finish them up.

Pete found a crock pot recipe and there is a roast in the pot cooking away. Recipe calls for 10 hours on low – uhhh- we are going with 5 on high instead. If it comes out good I will post the recipe tomorrow.

Here is a picture of the littlest one looking all grown up with chongos (translation: pigtails) in her hair, with her bag (contents at the time: a baggie with craisins and a peek-a block with fish in it) ready for a morning of errands.



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