Tuesday, August 04, 2009

My new little book – input needed


Soo, I was supposed to have this done for Mantha’s birthday but am still wrapping it up. I wanted to make her a little book called “Who Loves Samantha”. I have the cardstock cut to size and the corners rounded and most of the photos in place. I plan on printing out the writing using a pretty font (trimmed to fit and corners rounded) probably in a brown or purple.

Here is what I have so far:


Pages 1 & 2

Mommy and Daddy love Samantha



Pages 3 & 4

Trey loves Samantha

Nicolas loves Samantha


Pages 5 & 6

‘Uelita loves Samantha

‘Uelito loves Samantha

(note: yes, I know it is “abuelita” but we never pronounce the “ab” so why write it that way??)


pages 7 & 8

Grandma loves Samantha

Grandpa loves Samantha



pages 9 & 10

Aunt Rozi loves Samantha

And Uncle Carlos loves Samantha


Pages 11 & 12

Uncle Ben and Aunt Debbie love Samantha

Uncle Brion and Uncle Darrick (no photo as of yet) love Samantha


pages 13 & 14

(not sure what to do with this group shot)

Christina and Chris love Samantha (Chris photo printed but needs to be added)

(not sure what to do with this group shot but thought it would make a nice ending or near ending.)



I was thinking this sleeping picture might also be a good ending. And I have cute photos of her with each of the cats and was thinking of putting those all on one page.

I am also thinking of writing in white ink directly on the photos what she calls certain people (like Deekabus for Nicolas and Aunt RoRo for Rozi) but then what do I do to the other pages so it looks balanced? Doodles and curlicues?? Would that look too busy??

And the book is rather long and repetitive and not in a good way. I am trying to think of alternative verbage but drawing a blank. I have just reached the point where I just want to finish it already.

I plan on using my new handy dandy laminator and laminating the pages and then taking it to Office Depot for a spiral binding. (Yes, Billie has a Bind It All I might use instead but officedepot seems quicker at this point.)

Gimme some help people!!



Joy said...

for the group shot: Lots of people love Samantha? or Everybody loves Samantha? or Samantha has lots of fans because...

Repetitive isn't bad for someone who is still learning to read. It will help her learn to read the names of all the important people in her life. I think it is sweet!

Jen said...

I don't think it's too repetitive either- just right for her! When I made a family book the last page was always a group shot- Everybody loves... We all love... Look who loves...
Also, from past experience with these type of family books- leave out the pets. They often change/die/leave, whatever, and the kids tend to not remember the ones from when they are young so it is not as meaningful to them as to you.

Jen said...

Oh- and I think it would be okay to write on some of the photos and not on others. The special names are cute!

Billie said...

Joy & Jen are right! Sounds cute so far & I think it's okay to write on some and not others. Look through a book and you'll see that all the pictures don't look the same. It's okay! And it's looking good! LMK when you want to use the BIA!