Sunday, September 06, 2009

We’ve been baking!


For Mantha’s birthday I wanted to make these cute Hello Kitty cupcakes. I’d ganked the picture off the web and was determined to recreate it. I think we did a pretty good job. The boys *loved* making them.

Here is what I found: 90449083_70d8b740d8 IMG_1540






                                                                                                         Here’s what we made.

The generic pink wafer cookies were cheaper so we ran with those. I had tic tacs and m&ms. pockyThe whiskers are a Japanese cookie stick called Pocky. They sell it at HEB and it even comes in strawberry and an almond rocha style. The chocolate ones are really yummy! Crunchy light cookie sticks dipped in a good quality chocolate. They are about 2.50 a small box, by the way.

IMG_1549   Want some??







The other neat thing we made were Nicolas’ birthday cupcakes. He and his ‘Uelita made them and I set out the frosting and a baggie of plastic decorations. I walked off to do something and the next thing we knew Nicolas had “iced” all the cupcakes.


*sigh* I had taken out these plastic flies to make “amber necklaces” (like Trey made in science summer school) but Nicolas took a liking to them. He smeared a dab of frosting and plastic fly on each cupcake.

Trey refused to eat any of the cupcakes. We wondered if that was Nicolas’ strategy all along. Smart little buggar!!








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