Monday, January 05, 2009

Starting Over, Bows and Killer Cats

Imagine my surprise when I went to get an account so I could comment on Billie's blog only to discover we had our own blog sitting unused for over 4 years!

So, revamping it to make it purty and posting stuff to share.


The 18 month old's hair is long enough to make tiny pigtails (or chongos). Too cute! And so begins the foray into bows and clips.

I bought some snap clips from ebay and have been covering them in ribbon from my scrap booking stash. I used tacky glue (worked fine), sticky backed ribbon (Colorbook brand from Walmart, again, worked fine) and have ran ribbon (pre-cut to size) through my mini Xyron with permanent adhesive - this seems the cheapest and easiest to me but I wonder about the durability factor.

I also bought some single prong alligator clips from Sally's.

Now I am baking ribbon wound on a dowel to make korker ribbon to make korker bows. There are some gorgeous bows on Etsy and Ebay and I am wondering if I can make some that are at least ok to wear in public.



So, our cat Chloe (pictured here in beads- artwork by 10 yr old) has turned into quite the critter catcher. Kinda surprising because she is petite and delicate - unlike her muscular brother- and the sweetest cat around (one of only a couple who tolerate the attention and affections of the kids!).

One night a couple weeks ago we were watching TV and notice her outside the livingroom window. She was on the windowsill outside with a "present" for us in her mouth meowing to come in and share. Uh, no thanks!

A few months ago she caught a Coral snake (red on yellow, kill the fellow-- and, sadly, we did) and now she seems to be working on helping my neighbor (who has 3 outdoor dogs, 1 indoor dog and a handful of cats) with a mouse/rat issue she is having.

So- today I learned a lesson: Do not open the backdoor and send the 11 yr old to put out the trash without first looking out the window and checking for "gifts" left by Chloe's right by the backdoor. Uhg!! We were both kinda freaked out by the headless corpse of a rather large mouse (what is the size qualification for "rat"?). I covered it with plastic bags and an overturned flowerpot saucer and called the hubby to notify him of his cleanup duty when he gets home.


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Billie Dean-St Clair said...

Ack! Deanna, the men NEED to have clean-up duties such as these. I am such a sissy, I don't even kill scorpions. I turn a disposable plastic cup upside down over them and leave them for Mike to deal with when he gets home. I just can NOT stand the crunch noise they make when you squish them. YUCK!!!